About Us


In response to the growing shortage of PPE, we have prioritized the development, production and donation of masks. The Maine Mask is a re-usable, highly effective filtration mask based off the original "Montana Mask", which can be custom fitted to the provider's face and sanitized between uses. 

The Maine Mask is produced by a process called injection molding, which allows us to mold upwards of 7,500 masks a week at full efficiencies. We are using FDA-approved medical grade material that is pliable and comfortable. 

Our mission in developing, producing and donating these masks is to provide healthcare workers and essential employees without adequate PPE an effective option - at no cost. 

If you have access to a 3D printer or injection molding machine and are interested in helping make mask, please find the design files free for public use here

Please note the legal disclaimer prior to downloading any files from this site. The Montana or Maine Mask is not an FDA or NIOSH approved N95 replacement. Please see updated FDA Guidance HERE.