Your order will include a re-useable mask, insert, and one 32" elastic strap.


Unfortunately we are NO LONGER providing filters with each mask, however, please visit our FAQ page for current filter recommendations.


These have been manufactured with efficiency and purpose in mind. You may need to trim excess molding material around edges of mask.


We highly recommend individuals fit the mask to their face via instructions provided in the FAQ section in order to provide th most effecive filtration and protection. Please take the time to make your mask, yours. 


In response to extreme demand, we are fulfilling donations to healthcare providers and essential employees first. Please be patient with us as we are moving as quickly as we can to manufacture, package and deliver every single order placed. Thank you for helping us make this possible.


The Maine Mask is FREE, however, we are accepting donations to help us continue our efforts. If able and willing, please find more information on our home page.


This mask is not intended to replace standard protective equipment such as N95 masks or surgical masks when that equipment is available. We claim no medical accuracy or efficacy of the filters we provide.Please make sure to read ALL information provided on our website prior to utilization of our products. By placing your order with us, you agree and consent with our legal disclaimer.


PLEASE use coupon code  "TOGETHER" to get product FREE! If you are able, PLEASE purchase the mask or consider donating, in order for us to continue to provide these masks to healthcare workers and others in dire need for free - we are quickly running out of funds by providing these masks for free to everyone. 

The Maine Mask