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  • How to use filter fabric from surgical or N95 mask (photo that is on makethemask on the injection molding page (random place for it)

  • How to use pre-cut filters (photo also on injection molding page)

  • How to mold the mask to fit your face

  • How to clean / sanitize (words, then also link to CDC page of re-using N95 masks)

After Recieving Your Maine Mask

1. It is important to make sure your mask fits correctly. When breathing in and out air should only enter/exit from the front filtration zone. If this is not the case please try a number of variations as to how the mask sits on your face. The mask also does not require to be tight, so please dont  . If seal does not get better 

Is this a replacement for an N95 mask?

N95 masks are still the recommended personal protection equipment (PPE). In situations where N95 masks are in short supply or not available, we recommend that each hospital or individual using these masks run a complete fit test with the support of hospital administrators. The filtration efficiency of the mask will vary with the material inserted into the filter casing. 

What are the specifications of the filters Maine Mask is using?

We recommend using a certified filter wherever possible, i.e. squares cut from surgical masks, N95 masks or other N95 rated material for filters. One N95 surgical mask will yield six filters with surgical protection and will yield a greater filtration depending on the fit. 

Currently Maine Mask is providing (5) filters of either Yellow MERV 15 rating, or BLUE Surgical wrap, depending on availability. Understand before using these filters you must do your research to make sure what contaminates these will fight against. By choosing to use the filters provided you are agreeing to our legal disclaimer and confirm you have done proper research to educate yourself and your choice. 

How can I customize the fit of the Maine Mask?

Insert mask into hot water (ideally boiling) and for one minute. Remove carefully with care to not harm yourself. Pinch mask at bridge of nose with constant pressure while running under cold water for at least 45 seconds allowing time for the mask to cool.  

My medical facility has received some Maine Masks, what do I do now? 

Why does the mask have extra plastic around the edges?

This is due to our molding process. This is ok. If you are unhappy with the looks of the extra material, CAREFULLY remove excess using a pair of scissors, or pull away with your fingers. Be careful not to cut any part of the mask that will effect the seal.