Frequently asked questions

Is this mask FDA or NIOSH approved?

No, our masks are not approved by the FDA or NIOSH or any other state or federal regulatory body. However, the CDC has recently approved "homemade masks" for crisis management and shortages of approved materials. The base model "Montana Mask" has been tested in the clinical setting to include fit tested and respiratory tested.

Is this a replacement for an N95 mask?

No! N95 masks are still the recommended personal protection equipment (PPE). In situations where N95 masks are in short supply or not available, we recommend that each hospital or individual using these masks run a complete fit test with the support of hospital administrators. The filtration efficiency of the mask will vary with the material inserted into the filter casing.

How can I customize the fit of the Maine Mask?

Insert mask into hot (boiling) water and submerge for one minute. Remove carefully with caution to not burn yourself. Pinch mask at bridge of nose with constant pressure while running under cold water for at least 45 seconds allowing time for the mask to cool.

Why does the mask have extra plastic around the edges?

This is due to our molding process. These masks are not perfect by any means. If you are unhappy with the looks of the extra material, CAREFULLY remove excess using a pair of scissors, or pull away with your fingers. Be careful not to cut any part of the mask that will effect the seal.

What can I use for filters?

We recommend using local supply of N95 masks, surgical masks or other N95 rated material for filters - one surgical mask can be made into SIX filters for our mask! If they are not available, please check with local filter supply companies to seek out alternatives. We don’t currently recommend manufacturing any filters and do not have access to N95 material for distribution. We have instructions for using and reusing surgical or N95 masks and precut filtration material for use with our masks as displayed below. Reuse instructions as recommended by the CDC. Use of pre-cut filters provided Video tutorial for modifying a surgical mask - Our findings show some alternatives for filters to include: - MERV16 rated material (1 layer); MERV14-15 rated material (2 layers) - Non-woven polypropylene material (used in non-shiny reusable fabric grocery bags, tote bags and wine bags) - Denim (10oz), Bed sheets (80-120 thread), Paper towel, Canvas (0.4-0.5mm thick), Shop towels - Cotton

I just received my mask. Now what?

(1) Clean/sanitize your mask! (2) Customize the fit of your mask (instructions listed below under question "How can I customizez the fit of my mask?" (3) String the elastic band through the mask holes as demonstrated in the picture below, ensuring good fit. (4) Cut filters to 2.5" squares - recommended material to be found below under question "What should I use for filters?" (5) Read all the information listed on our site prior to use of mask