Based on the original Montana Mask
Please note the legal disclaimer prior to downloading any files from this site. The Montana or Maine Mask is not an FDA or NIOSH approved N95 replacement. Please see updated FDA Guidance HERE.

The Maine Mask

In response to the growing shortage of PPE, we have prioritized the development, production and donation of re-usable filtration masks to healthcare workers, essential employees and families.

And now we’re ready.



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Initial contributions from BackwoodsBMP has allowed us to offer our masks free of charge. If able, please consider purchasing your mask or donating to help continue our efforts! 

Legal disclaimer: The Maine Mask is not intended to replace standard protective equipment such as N95 masks or surgical masks when that equipment is available. The use of these injection molded masks has not been fully tested and not been approved by federal or state authorities. Anyone associated with the Maine Mask or with assume no liability and make no representations, warranties or guarantees regarding the safety, efficacy, or appropriate use of these masks in any particular situation. Each facility should test each batch of masks prior to replying on them for protection. Use of this information for any purpose is at the user's own risk